Dr. G Shobha

Dr. Shobha is a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the RV College of Engineering with teaching experience of 25 years. Her specialization includes Data mining, Machine Learning and Image processing. She has published more than 150 papers in reputed journals / conferences. She has also executed sponsored projects worth INR 200 lakhs funded from various agencies nationally and internationally. She is a recipient of various awards such as Career Award for young teachers 2007-08 constituted by All India Council of Technical Education, Best Researcher award from Cognizant 2017, GHC Faculty Scholar for Women in Computing in 2018, IBM Shared University Research Award in 2019, and the HPCC Systems Community Recognition Award in 2020. Dr Shobha was the recipient of the 2021 HPCC Systems Mentor Badge Award for providing guidance and direction towards the successful completion of intern open source projects.


Work with NLP++

Dr. Shobha became has been working with HPCC Systems and students for the past several years including on project using NLP++ and the English Dictionary Project.

Video Interview

Here, Flavio Vilanostra interviews Dr. Shobha and her participation with HPCC systems: