The Natural Language Understanding Global Initiative (NLUGI) has the goal of creating linguistic knowledge, world knowledge, and digital human readers for all major human languages using the open-source natural language development environment (NLDE) NLP++, VisualText, and the Conceptual Grammar.


  • To reintroduce engineered Natural Language Understanding systems back into universities and industry.
  • To build the foundation to create trustworthy digital human readers that are equal or better than humans at understanding text for specific tasks.


  • Linguistic and world knowledge must be given to computers since symbol and word meaning is arbitrary and cannot be found statistically.
  • Intelligent programs must understand text the same way as humans.
  • Digital Human Readers must be 100% code and their outputs 100% explainable to be trusted.
  • A common computing language is essential for the success of the NLU Global Initiative.


  • Create linguistic and domain dictionaries for all the major human languages.
  • Create knowledge bases for specific domains.
  • Create digital human readers to perform productive and useful tasks.


NLUGI was created by the authors of NLP++, VisualText, and the Conceptual grammar and is supported by individuals, universities, and industry.