Natural Language Understanding Global Initiative

The Natural Language Understanding Global Initiative (NLUGI) has the goal of creating linguistic knowledge, world knowledge, and digital human readers for all major human languages using the open-source natural language development environment (NLDE) NLP++, VisualText, and the Conceptual Grammar.

Next Revolution in Human Langauge

This effort represents the 5th revolution in human language: the migration of knowledge and the use of that knowledge by computers.


  • To reintroduce engineered Natural Language Understanding systems back into universities and industry.
  • To build the foundation to create trustworthy digital human readers that are equal or better than humans at understanding text for specific tasks.


  • Linguistic and world knowledge must be given to computers since symbol and word meaning is arbitrary and cannot be found statistically.
  • Intelligent programs must understand text the same way as humans.
  • Digital Human Readers must be 100% code and their outputs 100% explainable to be trusted.
  • A common computing language like NLP++ is essential for the success of the NLU Global Initiative.

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