Global Dictionary Initiative

Part of the Natural Language Understanding Global Initiative is the Global Dictionary Initiative.

The idea is to product NLP++ dictionary files for all the major languages of the world. VisualText and NLP++ are being used to parse Wiktionary pages as well as other digital resources in order to create NLP++ “dict” files that can be used in VisualText when developing human digital readers.

Here is a repository of NLP++ analyzers that have created numerous dictionaries by David de Hilster:

Dictionaries Underway

There are various dictionary efforts that are underway or have been worked on:

  • English Dictionary from Wiktionary
  • Portuguese Dictionary from Wikitionary
  • Tamil Dictionary
  • Nepali Dictionary

Other Dictionaries

Some other dictionaries that have been constructed are human name dictionaries, and various other specific dictionaries for English.

  • First and surname dictionaries for English, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, etc.
  • English dictionaries for number words, date words (months and days of the week), state names, and US Postal street names.