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In January 2024, we will start sending out our newsletter keeping you up-to-date on the NLU Global Initiative. And you don’t have to be a programmer or linguist to help out!

Programmers Wanted

If trying to figure out how we humans understand text seems interesting to you and you are a programmer, than NLP++ is for you. There are many incredible projects using NLP++ that are out there to choose from or maybe, you have a project of your own!

There are many resources and tutorials for you to learn NLP++ and you will have direct access to the architects of the system. There will be regular NLP++ meetings scheduled on this website that are open to the public where you can ask questions to those more familiar with the NL development environment which includes NLP++, VisualText, and the conceptual grammar.

Not a Programmer or Linguist? No Problem!

Your interest in helping out this initiative does not require you to be a programmer, nor a linguist. Every person is an expert of at least one human language so you already have skills that can help this project.

If for instance you want to work on creating a dictionary for a more rare language, you can help motivate and organize the effort. Here is just such a case with the Nepali Language and Ananya Gupta: The Nepali Dictionary Initiative.


The Natural Language Understanding Global Initiative is made up of individuals, universities, and industry who are interested in creating or teaching engineered, trustworthy natural language understanding systems. This is an open-source project and everyone is invited to participate!


These tasks not only need people who will use NLP++, but people to help organize tasks.

You can help in the effort to:

  • Create linguistic and domain dictionaries for all the major human languages.
  • Create knowledge bases for specific domains.
  • Create digital human readers to perform productive and useful tasks.


There are many ways to participate:

  • Let us write about your NLP++ project, dictionary, knowledge base, or analyzer and how it contributes to this initiative. You are also welcome to write it if you like.
  • Give permission for yourself, university, or company to be listed as supporting this initiative.
  • Help with a dictionary.
  • Help create knowledge bases.
  • Help create analyzers or digital human readers.
  • Help create NLP courses based on NLP++ and VisualText.
  • Maintain and enhance the NLP Engine and VisualText.
  • Write blogs or make videos about the technology and initiative.


If you are interested in joining our open-source effort, please contact:
Telephone or Text Messages310-991-574