Amnon Meyers

Amnon has more than three decades of cutting-edge experience in the area of natural language processing, leading the creation of innovative systems and approaches in aerospace and in the university. He is the creator of NLP++ and the Conceptual Grammar – the two components for the current NLP-Engine. Bio: MS Computer Science UC Berkeley, MS Organic Chemistry UC Berkeley, BS Biology MIT. Eleven years in aerospace NLP R&D (McDonnell Douglas & TRW). Five years at UC Irvine AI Lab on DARPA/Navy projects. Amnon is currently CTO of Conceptual Systems LLC (California) and participates in the open-source projects NLP++, VisualText, and the Conceptual Grammar.

In a historical note, Amnon’s VOX system, built for DARPA/NOSC 1983-1988, directly gave rise to the well-known MUC (Message Understanding Conference) NLP evaluation workshops.