David de Hilster

David de Hilster has over 30 years experience in practical NLP and is a consulting software engineer for LexisNexis and is currently part of the HPCC Systems super computing group. Before joining the company, David worked as a senior engineer/scientist for Text Analysis International, I-Search, TRW, McDonnell Douglas, and Battelle Memorial Institute where he developed practical NLP tool kits and systems. David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Linguistics from Ohio State University. David is the architect of VisualText and co-architect of the language NLP++ and is responsible for creating the VisualText open-source project, the port of VisualText to VSCode, and creating the NLP Engine which runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. David is also a scientistartist, and musician who has his own YouTube Channel and has published a book on a new model for the universe with his father.